Skaņu mežs Association for Adventurous Music and Film Art /LV/

Riga, Latvia

Skaņu Mežs is a festival for adventurous (innovative, experimental, avant-garde, etc.) music. It happens in Riga, Latvia since 2003.

The festival usually takes place in the beginning of October, whereas one-off events by Skaņu Mežs happen more often.

Acknowledging that all forms of modern music possess an experimental dimension, there is always a wide variety of musical genres represented at the festival – from electro-acoustic music, free improvisation, contemporary composition and noise to interesting shifts in dance music, hip-hop and rock or metal.

Skaņu Mežs is a member of festival network ICAS (International Cities of Advanced Sound).

Skaņu Mežs has co-created the SHAPE platform as well, and acts as one of its two coordinators.

Among many others, Skaņu Mežs has presented Autechre, Merzbow, Swans, Liars, Blixa Bargeld, Battles, Bernard Parmegiani, Pierre Henry, Roscoe Mitchell, Christian Wolff, Francois Bayle, Wadada Leo Smith, Laurel Halo, Julia Holter, James Holden, Zebra Katz, Shabazz Palaces, Evan Parker, AMM, Peter Brötzmann and Lustmord.

Extreme Chill Festival /IS/

Reykjavik, Iceland

Insomnia Festival /NO/

Tromsø, Norway

Insomnia Festival is an annual festival that seeks to evolve the creative energy the north has given rise to by creating a platform for new electronic music and techno culture. Insomnia is a festival for innovative electronic music – which means music created with electronic contraptions. The creative process within the genre is as varied as the music itself, and the festival hopes to display a wide variety of it. Insomnia Festival is a non-profit event, with our main goal to create an artistic melting pot and an important platform for innovative artists above the arctic circle.

The Festival also combines new music with new technology and design through public seminars during the festival. It takes shape through live concerts, dj/club events, seminar, workshops, exhibitions, performance, installations and debates.

Intonal festival & Inkonst /SE/

Malmö, Sweden

Intonal is an annual festival for experimental and electronic music that has been held in Malmö, Sweden since 2015. The festival is held at and by Inkonst. The focus of the festival is to offer an international programme of experimental and electronic music covering a wide range of genres, subgenres, and unique expressions. Besides established artists within the electronic avant garde and acts bordering towards sound art, a hefty club-oriented programme also presents DJs acting within innovative scenes for dance music. Parallel to this, there are also a number of installations, exhibitions, and artist talks. In addition to our ticketed programme, a handful of events are free of charge and open to the public. |

Alter Festival /DK/

Aarhus, Denmark

Kontula Electronic /FI/

Helsinki, Finland

Kontula Electronic is a multifaceted and uncompromising festival that fills up the legendary open-air shopping centre of Helsinki’s Kontula district annually. In addition to the main event in April there are diverse initiatives all around the city throughout the year. The scope of the festival includes a great variety of styles of electronic music, performance art, installation, theatre, film and other art forms.

Since 2016 Kontula Electronic has hosted a diverse selection of artists from noise experimentalists and ambient music installations to full-on rave parties. The festival works in close collaboration with the residents and organisations of this stigmatised district and brings cutting-edge artistic interventions to settings where they have been rare.

CTM-Festival and Platform for Adventurous Music & Art /DE/

Berlin, Germany

CTM connects multi-perspective experiences, critical reflection, hedonism, and collaborative learning via a yearly festival and continuous collaborative projects, publications, commissions, concerts, club nights, and more.

Since 25 years, CTM has been highlighting new strains of pop and fringe cultures that venture through the weird, the challenging, the cathartic, the esoteric, the contagious, and the ecstatic – simultaneously exploring sonic histories, contexts, and political and technological entanglements. Though international in its approach, CTM remains deeply rooted in and committed to Berlin’s DIY and club scenes, from which it emerged in 1999.